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We use performing arts to explore characters, emotions, ideas, concepts related to the kids own lives and experiences and to build confidence in themselves that they can take out of class and into life.  The concept was simple – give the kids an opportunity to polish and learn their craft in an environment where they get a fair go. They don’t need to compete with open casting calls to get lead roles and it’s about the journey of creating something they are proud of whether it’s  a song, a dance, a group performance or a whole show.  It’s not about a theatre guild award, or a pathway into NIDA ( although some of them may plan to get there one day)

Artzmartz YPT is led by a youth committee who manage all aspects of the production company with the coaching and mentoring of industry professionals, from concept development to performing, stage management/technical production ( lighting, sound, visual effects, stage puppetry, costumes, sets and props) to directing, choreography and musical direction, from publicity and events management to front of house ( ticketing, ushering, catering, theatre foyer dressing/staging).

ArtzmartzYPT endeavors not only to entertain, but also to provide young people and their families with opportunities for deep engagement through our plays, Drama School and community participation activities.


At the centre of YPT’s artistic policy is a desire to have a positive and lasting impact on the emotional, social, and intellectual development of young people in order for them to grow into the unique and wonderful people they were born to be. At YPT, we also believe that the more challenging, the more hostile, the more ‘isolated within-the-crowd’ our world becomes, the more we need art to help us interpret the universe, connect with each other, and imagine a better future. If adults need this, kids need it more. We hope you’ll take advantage of the learning opportunities available at YPT.

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